Successful investing via a Forex Managed Account

There are some very important factors that you must know if you want to successfully invest into a managed account.

The reality is that no forex trading strategy will work, unless you can find an honest broker. This is the hardest part of trading and much more of a challenge than the actual trading system itself.

For any new traders out there it is useful to know that there are two types of brokers. Dealing desk (DD) or ECN/STP. An ECN/STP broker will not interfere with your trades as they make their money on commission on every trade that is taken win or lose.

STP = Straight through processing. What this means is that your trading order will be placed straight through to the liquidity pool provider rather than being placed through a dealing desk.

A Dealing Desk will be aware of where you have placed your stops as they can see this on their systems and therefore they can trade against your positions or run your stops (Sometimes called stop gunning) and the more you win, the more you are red flagged!

So when you join any accountforex managed program you want to make sure the trade team trades the managed account through a true ECN/STP forex broker.

How do you choose a good Managed Account Provider?

Well a quick google search and you will find literally hundreds of them and over the years I have tested many. The only one that I can personally recommend is I have invested with them since 2009 and they have delivered some truly excellent results. In fact over 70% per year for me pretty much every year, so no complaints from me!

The managed account to go for is called Premium FX, this is the one that I am with and can recommend. They will give you a read only access to view all the live trades as they happen and the account is still in your name and controlled by you, so from a security point of view it is excellent.

New Borrowing Requirements May Need New Payday Loans

The new payday loans are a radical departure from some forms of existing borrowing.

Here’s a quick summary as to how:

Unlike some conventional borrowing, payday loans do not necessarily require you to have an excellent credit history before approving an application – you’ll see why below;

The sums they make available are modest in comparison to other loan types but this means that the risks for potential lenders are smaller – that’s why they may be far more understanding of credit history problems and less inclined to refuse applications;

They are designed to fill a niche in the marketplace – people that have an urgent requirement for a smaller loan (for any purpose whatsoever) until they next get paid;
New payday loans are also designed to be fast and this means that they have a streamlined online application process – no more need for faxes and conventional mail delays and you’ll typically be able to receive a very fast (possibly instant) response with a yes/no answer;

Of course, a fast decision is very helpful but what may really count is how fast you can gain access to the cash if approved – the good news there is that some providers may be able to make an immediate credit payment into your bank account so the money will be available for you to use within a very few hours of your first application (though not all loan providers may be able to offer this facility);

These loans are also not intended to be repaid over many months through multiple individual repayments – they are designed to be much more simply repaid in one go, around the date of your next payday (which is why they’re called payday loans);

Some providers may make the repayment process simple as well – you only have to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the sum agreed (essentially the original loan plus the provider’s charges) and they will debit your bank debit card on the agreed date, which will repay and conclude the loan;

Although new payday loans are principally designed for smaller amounts, perhaps up to £1000 may be available to help deal with things such as an unexpected crisis.