All You Need To Know About Used Pellet Stoves

The advantage that used pellet stoves have to offer is that they are easily available in the market at around half the price of a new stove. That results in significant savings for the consumer. So if you need a new stove then make sure to look for a second hand or used stove. You can then use the extra money saved to buy wood pellets worth a years stock! Yes, that is the amount of savings you can make.

No extra effort needed

Another good thing about used pellet stoves is that the level of effort needed is the same as what would be required for a new stove. It can often prove to be an easier option since the consumer would typically have a lesser number of options. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that most of the used pellet stoves are in excellent condition almost as good as any new stove. Hence it results in good value for money.

How to get access

Next is the critical question of where you can easily get access to a stove for burning wood pellets. Usually if you want to install a pellet stove you need to have a permit in the building. You can contact the department of your local building and find out if any additional documents are needed for applying for the permit. This holds special significance if you are the owner of a modular or mobile house. Many departments would want to take a look at some documentation that shows the venting as well as clearance of the pellet stoves before installation.

The size of the stove

This is another critical factor to consider when you want to purchase a stove for your wood pellets. Make sure the size of the used pellet stoves is in accordance with the amount of fuel you plan to burn at a time. Places to the northeast region of the US typically use wood pellets as the fuel of choice as it is readily available and cheaper too. One important point to note is that it is not mandatory to get a large sized stove in order to accomplish good savings. Instead a regular sized pellet stoves will generate around 35000 or even 45000 btus. This can easily warm up a ranch measuring 1200 feet square.

Other considerations to make

There are several other factors you need to consider while purchasing a stove for burning wood pellets. Things like electronic ignition, a convenient hopper of a large size, system for air washing, controls for heat output, as well as other extra conveniences should be something you need to look out for.